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Saturday, May 21, 2011

No more Sem 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5..

Hello.. ;)

Today i would like to share about a real feeling towards the end of my 5 semester at MARA Professional College Indera Mahkota..

Hohoho.. FYI, i have finish my 5th semester on last Wednesday.. But i went back home on Thursday.. Hohoho.. A bit tires as all my belonging i take all my own. No more friends as they are went back early a day from me. However, im satisfied as all things i do taking home. excepted my extension wire.

Lots of things happened in my life during last semester.. I do fought with USELESS, DUMB, ANNOYING AND RIDICULOUS people.. Almost slap someone face and kick their ash! FUCK U!!!! DAMN HATE U DAMN DAMN DAMN MUCH!!! Otherwise, i saw my BFF cried for my 1st time ever during a discussion.. Whoa.. I cant say a word! My heart is harder than a sea rock but a bit soft than a diamond.. However, i will not cry in front of people.. Im not tryin to be hypocrite but just want to teach my heart to be more calm and tough.

Well, i do like almost the end of the classmates meeting.. We're have a small party which are make a fire from charcoal and some wooden sticks and having burger, sausages, crab sticks and chicken balls.. Thanks to Farah's mother becoz sponsor some Laksa for us.. So yummy.. Oh ya! the gifts..!!! every individual need to bring a small gift and we are goin to exchange the gift by taking a lucky numbers. So fun..

Hye more things to be share.. Playing around the chair.. If u cant have a sit, u will need to singing or dancing in front!!! Yeah.. Im the loser! 1st person! yay.. Thus, just having a boring song.. AHAHAHHAHAHAHHA... What to do.. A bit shy to dance as im not a professional dancer.. Ngeee... Then, we are having the frank session among us.. We talked about everything that bad and good among members. I would like to say that, I HATE U, U AND U..!!! FOREVER N EVER.. I DONT GIVE U A DAMN BUT U GIVE ME SHITTTSSS..!!! That the best words for SUCKERS like U! Hoh! No such FORGIVES for PEOPLE like U! What next? Hurm.. Continuous scene.. Where 4-5 members need to say word by words about a news.. Ahahahhaha.. funny 1! Then, having sad, happy, crazy and fear (i think) weather news.. The winner is Aza! The crazier one.. :D

Next, dancing time.. A bit crazy as we are switch on the techno and other dancing musics.. Most of us are dancing while a certain members are not.. For the 1st time i saw Yana dancing! yay! so smooth.. hohoho.. Fun! Fun! Fun! That such words i ever saying..

After the moment, we are having a pleasure time having a dinner at cafe.. Together with Sir Bad.. He is so cool.. Like to spent time with us.. As he is our Marketing and Organizational Behavour's lecturer.. And the closest male lecturer to us. Just having dinner and open some topic esp for our last class program! Outing with him..

Yeah.. Last program with members of DEC 5A Jan-June 2011.. We were Sud, Yana, Tikah, Jue, Zue, Amy, Cyuk, Aza, Nana, Ikhwan, Fi3, John and together with our daddy, Sir bad.. Location at East Cost Mall Kuantan.. Activities: Lunch, Kongsi's movie, karaoke, walking around ECM and lastly having dinner at Taj restaurant. During the karaoke, lots of song we are sang.. This includes Love story, Baik2 sayang, Yank and others i cant remember. Sure i enjoyed all the moment with my friends.. Thanks God.. All the enemies not joint our event.. If not.. Such a spoiled time..

So far thats all i can remember.. Hye.. here i'll attach some pics of our activities ya.. ;)

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