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Friday, December 12, 2008

Perfect - Simple Plan

I Dedicate Tiz Song to Everyone That Want Me Be A Perfect Person..

Hey dad look at me
Think back and talk 2 me
Did i grow up according 2 plan..???
Do u think im wasting my time doing things i wanna do?
But it hurts when u disapproved all along...

And now i try so hard 2 make it
I just wanna make u..prouddd..
Im never be good enough 4 u..
I cant pretend that im alright..
And u cant change me..

Coz we lost it all..
Nothings last 4eva
Im sorry i cant be PERFECT..
Now its just 2 lateeeeeeeeeeee

I try not 2 think
About the pain i fell inside
Did u know u used 2 be
MY HERO..???
All the days u spent with me
Now seem so far away
And it feels like u cont
Care anymoreee..

And now i try hard 2 make it
I just wanna make u proud..
Im never gonna be good
Enough 4 u
Cant stand another fight..
Nothings alright

Coz we lost it allllllll
Nothings last 4evaaaaaaaa
Im sory
Now its just 2 lateee..
And we cant go back
Im sorry

Nothings gonna change
The things that u said
Nothings gonna make tiz
Right again
Please dont turn ur back
I cant believe its hard
Just 2 talk 2 u
But u dont understanddd

Coz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry
I can't be Perfect
Now it's just too late
And we can't go back
I'm sorry
I can't be Perfect

Coz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
Im sorry
I cant be Perfect
Now its just too late
And we cant go back
Im sorry
I cant be PERFECT

To Tok Mak@Grandmother, thank u so much atok becoz u grow me up till im 4 years old.. I really loves u atok.. U teach me how 2 Pray, cook, love ppl, u gave me edu@pre-primary skol and so on.. I think u are my no. 1 mom as my mom is working 4 our family. After u gave all 2 me, finally u leave me alone on 18th August 1998@Tuesday. Thanks a lot atok.. I`ll love u till the end.. Im sorry i cant be perfect grandaughther becoz i have complicated life when im growing up. May God bless u atok..

To Me Ammi@mom, im sorry i cant be a good daughter as i felt lost ur loves since i was a baby.. u just let Tok Mak alone 2 took care of me and my sis while u are working. No matter when u took me care i just didnt get any kind of love from u.. i felt like u are ignored me as one of ur daughthers. Only sister got what she wanted esp love n kind of things. I dont care bout the things just needs ur LOVEs..Thats y i became like tiz (rude, loves 2 rebelled,stubborn, bear a grudge against to u and ppl, notty and so on..).
Y tiz happened??? Becoz im not a perfect person.. I`d do anythings can make u proud but u still ignored me till the end of ur life.. Howeva, thanks a lot coz gave birth to me..Im never forget the things u`ve done 2 me mom.. May Go
d bless u..

To Me Abah@dad,
thanks the only thing i can say.. Without u and mom im not here right now.. I dont know what 2 say bout u as im not be with u since im a lil gurl.. I met u back when im 12 i guest.. Its ok if u dont care bout me as i dont have any feelin bout u accepted im from u.. Im not a perfect gurl as i dont get any love from u when im growing up. And im accepted it. I dont care what our families said bout it coz me is myself..

To Mok De & Pok De@My Unty & Uncle
who took care me from July 2000 till now after my mom passed away, thanks a lot coz u guardians me, gave me education and the things i need 2 life.. I really appreaciated it and im not forget it till i die.. Im so sorry if im done something stupid o make both of u shame as im not a perfect person. I dont like both of u restrick me as now im a teenager. I appreciated what u`ve done, but please give me chance 2 make my own decission esp bout my study. I just wanna try 2 be indipendent study far from u but, u still want me 2 accept da nearest collage 4 me 2 study. Im not a perfect person. Ok, i`ll try be as what u want me 2 be.. Thanks again..

To Sisters, Brothers,Relatives & Friends,
Im only an ordinory person.. Please dont feel any hope from me.. I cant be what all of u want me 2 be..

Well, thats enoght i think.. Thanks 4 reading..
Tiz is me and my life..
Hope all of u get it..

Peace upon 2 u..