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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rossa - Pudar


Kurasakan pudar dalam hatiku

Rasa cinta yang ada untuk dirimu
Ku lelah dan yang semua yang ada
Ingin ku lepas semua

Sepenggalan hati untuk bicara
Bagaimana kalau ku selingkuh saja
Ku punya banyak teman lelaki
Sepertinya ku kan bahagia

Mestinya kau cari pengganti diriku saja
Karena kita sudah tak saling bicara
Pastikan cerita tentang cinta yang telah lalu
Hanya ada dalam ingatan hatimu

Maafkan aku jika kau kecewa
Cintamu bukanlah untuk diriku
Jika memang semua kan jadi cerita
Ku tau kau semakin terluka..

Hye for once again..
Do you ever heard this song? Pudar by Rossa? If you're never and ever, just click the URL given to listen to it. Nice song for people who is BORING enough with their partner. Ahahaha.. This is one of my favourite song for sometimes. But to me, being unfaithful is my old life. I'm done enough and I'm boring with it. As I'm growing up, I'm looking for FAITHFUL partner. For being serious. For me, I WANT a RELASHIONSHIP but NOT RELASIONSHIT! I'll made a RELATIONSHIT if the person ask (done to me) for it.. :)

To be continue..~~~ :)

Goodbye Black 2010, Welcome Fearfuller 2011..

Assalammualaikum.. (Peace Upon To You)
Alhamdulillah.. Thanks 2 Allah S.W.T because give me an opportunity to continue my life once again.. :) Today (2nd of January 2011) i would like to update 1 post as this is my 1st time update after few years i didn't update my blog..

Topic of the day, Goodbye Black 2010, Welcome Fearfuller 2011..
Why the topic have been chosen? Its so easy.. I've been through very difficulty life on 2010. Starting January to December. And it maybe will be continue in every single of my life.. So sad but what to do? Human only can plan but God the only One that can full fill it as He want..

Honestly I'm quite hate 2010. Full of reasons! I'll share a bit because most of them will have different people involved and different incident. I will hate them (the incidents and the person involved) FOREVER! Why? Because they are LAIRS, MAJOR LOSERS, HYPOCRITES & BOSSY! I felt SUCKS with these kind of persons. Acting like a FOOL.

I hope that one day i can pay all the DIRT that they have done to me. Not because I'm a cruel person but this is to TEACH them of being a PERSON! You can cheat or fooling around other people but not me. I'm the one who like to revenge. But I'd like to pay my revenge with professional way. Not using shaman or what so ever that may destroy my beloved religion, Islam. I'm a Muslim and I'm not doing dirt with using black magic to give lessons to people..

Dear 2010, You're always in my heart, memory and mind.. I hope that I'm not forget what those fucking people done to me. I'm NOT FORGIVE & FORGET.. God always with me and you. If i didnt knew anything, He knew it. If i cannot give you lessons, He will pay you CASH! Remember that. In Malay traditions words (if I'm not mistaken) "Cerah tak semestinya panas, mendung tak berarti nak hujan. Sepandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.) I like these quotation. Full of lessons.

Next blog will tell you slowly about the 2010 and my coming days..

Andra and The Backbone - Selamat Tinggal Masa Lalu

Click this link to enjoy my Opening 2011..
Have a good weekend ya.. :)