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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bored of Being Alone..

Peace upon 2 u..

I`d like 2 share about heart feelin now..
Anyway, im confused with myself..
Do i lost my feelin 2 guys??? Hohoo..

So bad if its reality.. I wont be l******..

Wanna know y this happened 2 me? What a simple things...
Im alone.. Hahaha.. Im not sure if i like someone or not..

Anyway, since i know Iz, i left all my boys/men frenz.. He changed me from a player i think 2 a loyal girl. But, when i found the truth im startin my rebel.. Hahaha.. Anyway, teenagers always like that.. Im exactly not a perfect 1.. And i know what i want and what i wont..

Finally, im tired of being what people want me 2 be. It such a player in a drama.. Im not happy doing what i am doing right now.. Im trying 2 change but im not a tough as what all of u see. Maybe im a strong to fight what people sayin but deep inside only God knew everything..

I just wanna be happy.. Could i? I want all the things that can make me happy such as my belated granfma, mom, my beloved family, friends.. Its ok no lourve from guys but i need lourves from people who are important in my life.. Ok i think its enough for now.. Catch ya later World..

What a Bored Break Semester..

Salam ya...

Theres nothin that i can say only i word..BoReD...!!!

Damn bored stayed at home.. Theres nothin 2 do xcepted woke up as early 8 am, gave koi fishes food, helped new maid tidy up house and watching tv.. I`ve got sleepin problem almost the whole day along this semester break.. Finally, i pushed myself sleepin bcoz i wont be crazy bcoz of not enough sleep.. My routine make me sick! I need frenz for life.. I hate 2 be alone.. Im LoNeLy.. Could u feel how hurts of being alone for a long time...??? i cant stand of beiong alone and i`ll become emossion.. I dont know y this happened 2 me.. Everyday i pray that new semester come earlier than usual.. Hohoho.. My life is sucks! I cant do whateva i want, i cant choose the things i wanna do, everythin... Everythin... Theres no way 4 me to get my own life..

I just wanna be like others.. Happy with thier life.. Not like me..