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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My College is My New Life..

Salam all, today i would like 2 share a little bit bout my life in my college..

1st-ly, i wanna say thanks so much 2 my dear sweet hearts, Noorazira Adnan & Nurul Akmar Aini Mohd Dahari or known as Zira & Mia.. thanks of being part of my life..both of them came from Negeri Sembilan.
both of u will always on my mind.. besh wish 4 DECom 1B ya... Hohoho..
next, it would be another part of my life, such as my classmates, Na_When, Aznin, Eiqa, and so on and not forget 2 my roomates crazy roomates, K.Ezni, Azma and Saerah.. All of u also in my mind.. :D
moreover, i`ve got many new friends.. they are Mirul, my bro that loves to `membebel` Cyuk@Muhamad Sukry, Mira,Fi3, Shah, Raja, Shan, Jack, Nazri, Ijat, Senyum, Khai, Andy, Yana, Zai, and 2 many more i`ll tell ya later..


anyway, some of them are 2 sweet 2 me. they help me while im stady here. normally, when i became blur they will make me realize the real world that im live in.. hahaha... lots of laugh, tears we are sharing together esp when i lost my step sister when Persatuan Siawa Niaga (PSN) arrives. Made me sad because i cant involve myself on the fiesta..
thanks a lot frends..
hope all of us can be fren till the end of life.. I LOURVE ALL OF U GUYS.. THANKS OF BEING FRIENDS..
Here some pictures of my frenz in KPM Indera Mahkota, Kuantan..

Catch ya in de next episode..
-Nurirliyana Irwan@Pingu@Sud-
25th March 2009