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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marry, Married & Marriage..

long time i didn't update my blog. I've been busy with my life till im lazy to open my blog. why? I've forgot my URL.. hehehe.. BTW, today i would like to talk about the above topic..

As u can see, nowadays many ppl like to have early marriage included my own family members. this year my semester break started with my closed cuss's wedding at Bandar Tun Razak, Muadzam. i attend the weds from 2oth May and continue to his husband's house on 29th May. firstly i felt happy and BAD. why? actually i don't really like a crowded situation wheres ppl walk in and out of the house. moreover there's lots of work to do when we've got a ceremony.

During Hawa & Razif's weds, Hawa asked me to accompany her to Razif's house at Serkam, Melaka. at first i rejected the request because i don't like to stay at non-relatives' house. but she kept mumbling and persuade me so, to stop her from continue her 'work' then i said "yes hawa.. I'll follow u.." so, she stopped and smiled.

Serkam is nice. I'm so excited looking at the paddy plan as i like to have a village near with them but in Johor (my village) doesn't have any paddy plan but its OK.. fyi, Serkam is rich with mango's trees.. so cute when the trees were covered with the fruits. :)

Once i get there i dont know what to do. i just sit alone at nite and texting all my friends to 'clean' my boring. I've met a very big family members from all over Malaysia. 1st nite at Serkam i slept at the newlywed's front door. ahahaha.. I'm alone with 3 pillows. early in the morning i wake up and looking for my cuz. shes not at the room but shes at the kitchen. I'm quite scared because when i opened my eyes lots of ppl sleeping in front of me. hawa with her husband and me? i'm alone.

after breakfast i told hawa that i want to help with the things that never started yet like settle the ingredients for the meals. i sat down in the 'khemah' and start my work. i dont care ppl around me but came 2 gurls help me to cut the ginger. Yus and the other 1 i've forgot to asked her name. they are nice.. i like them. and.. i do met this guy name Is@Ismail mokhtar. i dont know who is he but just kept watching. hawa said he is Razif's nephew and i said "ok". is was the tired day and thnks God i didnt be the 'pengapit' for hawa. at the nite, we(me, hawa, razif and is) went out to Bandar Hilir looking for the printer service. after almost an hour round at the town we found 1 cyber cafe that got the service. 3 of them out of car and i just sat in the car cause im headache. 10 min after that is accompany me in the car and started the chat. quite nice and loves to give questions. hahaha..

the day for the real ceremony has come. once again i'm not be the 'pengapit' for hawa so, Hajar (Is's sister) be the 'pengapit'.. i've joint my family for 'berarak' with newlyweds. ahahaha.. for the 1st time i make the 'tepung tawar' for the newlyweds. kinda crazy.. and fun 2.. at the afternoon-evening, me, hawa, razif, is and litfy (camera man) went to Bandar Hilir to have the photographs session. its great! many ppl look at them and this is a very excited day to follow with. Few pics four of us being taken. Its a great moment.. Still i've got the memory during my family's wed. 1st time i've follow family members as the bridesmaid n follow her everywhere.. huhuhuuuuu...

Okay.. Not interested on continuing the story.. Full stop.. Bye.. :D

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010

Peace upon to all of you… today I would like to update my blog so I need to send at least one post. Based on the title, I would like to wish all of you “Happy New Year...!” I hope this New Year will bring joyful and meaningful in you’re and for my own life... For those who are studying, best of luck in your pointer. I know it is not easy for us getting the highest pointer, but we done the best during final, assignments and also in practical.

There are thousand of memories that couldn’t be forgotten in 2009. The first thing that I wouldn’t forget is when I entered my college, Mara Professional College Indera Mahkota, MPCIM or known as Kolej Profesional Mara Indera Mahkota, KPMIM. There such the best home after my own (not exactly mine) home. This is the place for me to continue my further study and get my Diploma in English Communication (Jan-July 2011). I will be here 3 years and now, just 1 and half years left to complete my diploma. Beside that, I have got new friends such as Zira, Cyuk, Mirul, Bella, Az, Eqa, Siti, K.Ct Z, Raja, Jack and so many more (sorry guys if im not include your name but all of you will always in my heart). Hundred of pain and joy in this college... I won’t tell you today and later maybe.

Think, I just want to share all about my current life during previous year. Thanks to Along Kirin and k.Nana because sent me at college and special thanks to Mr. Mohamad and Mdm. Fauziah because helped me at that day. I appreciated it so much. To my beloved mentor Mdm Munirah, lecturers, Miss Ainur, Miss Wanie, Mdm Yaya, Mdm Ain, Miss Syida, Mdm Norazura, Sir Ayie, Ustaz Wan, Ustazah Noraini, Miss Anis, Mdm Suzy, (have taught me from sem. 1 and sem. 2) and others lecturer because help me in my study. All of you will always be my inspiration in college to study harder and harder.

In semester 2 I admit that im playful. I’m quite lazy to study. The result: maybe I’ve got the lowest pointer (I hope not), im not concentrate in my study. I don’t know why and what happened to me. In this sem. Also I met new people such as Dd, Akmal, and Ama. They are from MPOB (Malaysia Palm Oil Broad). I accidently met them when Zira full fill my dream to swim at the beach, Telok Cempedak. They are nice and funny. So childish. Always talk about Wonder Pet.

Semester break is damn freaking me down. Live at home with doing nothing sometime will drive me crazy. Wake up early in the morning and doing something to avoid the bad sound from ‘queen’ of the house. After that, help in the kitchen. OMG, I hate cooking! But it is quite fun when im in the kitchen. I will know the ingredients that will be use in 1 meal that will be cook. Damn bored if maid said “I don’t know how to cook but my boss like my food”. Too proud she got the ability to cook. Oh come on, I need to cook everyday while im in college I just bought my food. Huh! House will like a hell if she did it to me.

2009 created wonderful and pain memories. I lost the 1 I really love. He inspired my life and helps me in my study. We know each other from a social network website long, long and long time ago. We’ve met and spent time together if I went back to KL. Pretty closed and love each other although we’re just friend. Everyday we will texting or calling. I do single but not him. I don’t know that he got a fiancé. I knew it on 23/10/2009 at 12:12. Don’t you think that I am so hurt on that day? Before I’ve got the news, I am laughing as laud as I can when my friends make a joke. I have no feeling to be sad. But the breaking news makes me down. So down! To be continue.. im sleepyyyyyy

im back to continue my job to write for my post. His fiancé made me crazy when she got mad at me. I don’t know what to say at first. But I do defend my own self from being a misunderstood victim. Damn! Im shout at her as loud as I could. She is totally turned me become a hot tempered person. I told her the truth bout our relationship and she listened nicely. After that, she is crying for suddenly. She told me everything that has happened bout him and their relation. I felt sad for her. If I knew he is belonging to her then I will not continue our relationship as I knew, what goes around comes around. It’s ok. I understand her situation. If my fiancé done something like that I am also can be a crazy woman.

Apart from that, I enjoy myself with having new friends. Im joint the senior group, met Dd, Akmal and Ama until I’ve got conflict with of my best friend. I lost her in holiday and I’ve got her back 2 days after her bufday. Thanks God. I’ve got back what im lost.

My new wished for 2010: I want to be a hardworking student as I will know that my sem. 2 are bad, Im trying to full fill my pray as im bad in my religion, less enjoy myself, less talking and im trying to change my life from bad to little bit better. I will always love my friends no matter how bad they are.

Special thanks to my family esp. my aunty and uncle, my sister (Nurhazairana), cousins, and beloved friends, Fatin (school mate), Shushi, Sheraf, Cfa, and Joshua T. Shockers Zira, Cyuk, Eqa, Na_when, k.Ezni, Zoul, Abie, Chot, Zan, Anne, Udin, Eijan, Ida, Izrul Hadi, Bro Nuox, Dd, Akmal, and so many more (sorry if im not included your name but you will always be my beloved friends) because being apart of me. I always hurt your feeling and I hope it’s not too late to apologize.

Goodbye my memorable 2009… wish me better life and bless by God.

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