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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad Dream on 16th December 2008..

I`ve Cried 4 It When I Was Awake.. I Have No Heart When Im Wake Up Last Morning Becoz Of Tiz Dreams..

Morning everyone..
Today i would like 2 share somethin hOrRibLe.. About my dreams last nite.. Hurmmm.. How can i start it as it brought meaningful in my life..

Ok i`ll start my story now..
My 1st dreams :
At the evening(i guest coz im not sure the time was), it was held a wedding ceremony. I didnt really know whos goin 2 marry as it was held at MJ`s house.. Well, i just acted like a normal person whos loafing at the back of older people.. Suddently! After the Marriage Contract was finish and all the witness say ``Sah!``, i`ve looked at the newly married and i`ve got shock!

Oh My God!!!
How can tiz happened to me???!!!
Im lookin at the newly married that kissin in front of guest(usually, bridegroom will kiss the bride`s forehead but tiz newly marrige havin lips kiss) 2 happy i guest.. Ok just forget bout tiz.. I want 2 tells u bout whos the newly marriage..
They was my beloved man in my life(rite now) and one of my cuz!!!
So sucks!!!
How come the man i loved like crazy can marry my cuz..???!!! Wheres her husband???!!! Her children???!! Y tiz happened???!!! I lost all my feeling when i saw him, her and their action.. I jus can watchin, lost my feelin@im broken heart and lost my way, and jus went in front of TV actin watchin cartoon..
Unaspectly, he came besides me(sit at the chair nearest me) and acting like want 2 join me watchin the cartoon.. And i cant stand anymore and i jus cryin, cryin and cryin.. Hes only jeer at me when im cryin.. And finally, im awake n cryin at my bed while covered my face with my curtain at 5.34am.. then asleep again..

My alarm clock was ringging sound, i opened my eyes and became blur.. I speaked 2 my heart, ``Y tiz happpened 2 me? Y u`ve done tiz 2 me _ _ _ _ _ and cuz..??? What kind of sinned i`ve done 2 both of u till tiz can entered to my dreams???``.. No time 2 think and i jus prepared 4 goin 2 work..

Now, i dont know my feelin bout him after tiz dreams came 2 me..
What should i do? Jus ignored it o think bout it till im tired 2 think bout it? It quite disturbed my life day now.. Damn thingggs..!!! God Help Me...!!!