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Monday, February 16, 2009

Me a KpM iM`s StUdEnT aLrEaDy..

hello folks.. Long time i didnt publish my news.. Anyway here little bit experience when im in KPM Indera Mahkota..

On 6th jan, ive registed 2 kpm im alone...
got lots of trouble a long the registration...

1. my name n my classnate name has changed.. finnally, after got the tshirt we`re met and changed back our real name..

2. i`ve took my stuffs on my own (such a crazy things i ever faced).. But, luckyly, got some1 helped me.. He send his son here that is same course with me.. im quite shame with him becoz he came from Perak and can wait for his son while my family just leave me as i have 2 be independent. He send me 2 my hostel with his wife. I can say nothin with that only have a short speak with them. They have kind hearted coz help me without take any advantage from me.. Hohoho im SHAME!!!! Just like want 2 kill my couzin.. By the way, i have 2 faced by myself.. Finally, ``THANK YOU SO MUCH``the only things that i can say 2 both of them.. Thanks again and i`ll never forget urkindness.. :)

3. I cant communicate with my roomate friendly... I dunno why becoz take time 4 me 2 remember all the such things.. Da `st person became my fren is Azma Yuzaira a.k.a Eira.. She is a polite, soft and qiute clumsy gurl.. I felt confortable when i talking 2 her.. We are havin lunch together as we are got chemical i guest.. And finnally we are started our Orientation..

about the orientation i`ll tell ya later ok as i have my own idea on it..
thanks 4 spending ur time reading my blog..