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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marry, Married & Marriage..

long time i didn't update my blog. I've been busy with my life till im lazy to open my blog. why? I've forgot my URL.. hehehe.. BTW, today i would like to talk about the above topic..

As u can see, nowadays many ppl like to have early marriage included my own family members. this year my semester break started with my closed cuss's wedding at Bandar Tun Razak, Muadzam. i attend the weds from 2oth May and continue to his husband's house on 29th May. firstly i felt happy and BAD. why? actually i don't really like a crowded situation wheres ppl walk in and out of the house. moreover there's lots of work to do when we've got a ceremony.

During Hawa & Razif's weds, Hawa asked me to accompany her to Razif's house at Serkam, Melaka. at first i rejected the request because i don't like to stay at non-relatives' house. but she kept mumbling and persuade me so, to stop her from continue her 'work' then i said "yes hawa.. I'll follow u.." so, she stopped and smiled.

Serkam is nice. I'm so excited looking at the paddy plan as i like to have a village near with them but in Johor (my village) doesn't have any paddy plan but its OK.. fyi, Serkam is rich with mango's trees.. so cute when the trees were covered with the fruits. :)

Once i get there i dont know what to do. i just sit alone at nite and texting all my friends to 'clean' my boring. I've met a very big family members from all over Malaysia. 1st nite at Serkam i slept at the newlywed's front door. ahahaha.. I'm alone with 3 pillows. early in the morning i wake up and looking for my cuz. shes not at the room but shes at the kitchen. I'm quite scared because when i opened my eyes lots of ppl sleeping in front of me. hawa with her husband and me? i'm alone.

after breakfast i told hawa that i want to help with the things that never started yet like settle the ingredients for the meals. i sat down in the 'khemah' and start my work. i dont care ppl around me but came 2 gurls help me to cut the ginger. Yus and the other 1 i've forgot to asked her name. they are nice.. i like them. and.. i do met this guy name Is@Ismail mokhtar. i dont know who is he but just kept watching. hawa said he is Razif's nephew and i said "ok". is was the tired day and thnks God i didnt be the 'pengapit' for hawa. at the nite, we(me, hawa, razif and is) went out to Bandar Hilir looking for the printer service. after almost an hour round at the town we found 1 cyber cafe that got the service. 3 of them out of car and i just sat in the car cause im headache. 10 min after that is accompany me in the car and started the chat. quite nice and loves to give questions. hahaha..

the day for the real ceremony has come. once again i'm not be the 'pengapit' for hawa so, Hajar (Is's sister) be the 'pengapit'.. i've joint my family for 'berarak' with newlyweds. ahahaha.. for the 1st time i make the 'tepung tawar' for the newlyweds. kinda crazy.. and fun 2.. at the afternoon-evening, me, hawa, razif, is and litfy (camera man) went to Bandar Hilir to have the photographs session. its great! many ppl look at them and this is a very excited day to follow with. Few pics four of us being taken. Its a great moment.. Still i've got the memory during my family's wed. 1st time i've follow family members as the bridesmaid n follow her everywhere.. huhuhuuuuu...

Okay.. Not interested on continuing the story.. Full stop.. Bye.. :D