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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bored of Being Alone..

Peace upon 2 u..

I`d like 2 share about heart feelin now..
Anyway, im confused with myself..
Do i lost my feelin 2 guys??? Hohoo..

So bad if its reality.. I wont be l******..

Wanna know y this happened 2 me? What a simple things...
Im alone.. Hahaha.. Im not sure if i like someone or not..

Anyway, since i know Iz, i left all my boys/men frenz.. He changed me from a player i think 2 a loyal girl. But, when i found the truth im startin my rebel.. Hahaha.. Anyway, teenagers always like that.. Im exactly not a perfect 1.. And i know what i want and what i wont..

Finally, im tired of being what people want me 2 be. It such a player in a drama.. Im not happy doing what i am doing right now.. Im trying 2 change but im not a tough as what all of u see. Maybe im a strong to fight what people sayin but deep inside only God knew everything..

I just wanna be happy.. Could i? I want all the things that can make me happy such as my belated granfma, mom, my beloved family, friends.. Its ok no lourve from guys but i need lourves from people who are important in my life.. Ok i think its enough for now.. Catch ya later World..

What a Bored Break Semester..

Salam ya...

Theres nothin that i can say only i word..BoReD...!!!

Damn bored stayed at home.. Theres nothin 2 do xcepted woke up as early 8 am, gave koi fishes food, helped new maid tidy up house and watching tv.. I`ve got sleepin problem almost the whole day along this semester break.. Finally, i pushed myself sleepin bcoz i wont be crazy bcoz of not enough sleep.. My routine make me sick! I need frenz for life.. I hate 2 be alone.. Im LoNeLy.. Could u feel how hurts of being alone for a long time...??? i cant stand of beiong alone and i`ll become emossion.. I dont know y this happened 2 me.. Everyday i pray that new semester come earlier than usual.. Hohoho.. My life is sucks! I cant do whateva i want, i cant choose the things i wanna do, everythin... Everythin... Theres no way 4 me to get my own life..

I just wanna be like others.. Happy with thier life.. Not like me..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My College is My New Life..

Salam all, today i would like 2 share a little bit bout my life in my college..

1st-ly, i wanna say thanks so much 2 my dear sweet hearts, Noorazira Adnan & Nurul Akmar Aini Mohd Dahari or known as Zira & Mia.. thanks of being part of my life..both of them came from Negeri Sembilan.
both of u will always on my mind.. besh wish 4 DECom 1B ya... Hohoho..
next, it would be another part of my life, such as my classmates, Na_When, Aznin, Eiqa, and so on and not forget 2 my roomates crazy roomates, K.Ezni, Azma and Saerah.. All of u also in my mind.. :D
moreover, i`ve got many new friends.. they are Mirul, my bro that loves to `membebel` Cyuk@Muhamad Sukry, Mira,Fi3, Shah, Raja, Shan, Jack, Nazri, Ijat, Senyum, Khai, Andy, Yana, Zai, and 2 many more i`ll tell ya later..


anyway, some of them are 2 sweet 2 me. they help me while im stady here. normally, when i became blur they will make me realize the real world that im live in.. hahaha... lots of laugh, tears we are sharing together esp when i lost my step sister when Persatuan Siawa Niaga (PSN) arrives. Made me sad because i cant involve myself on the fiesta..
thanks a lot frends..
hope all of us can be fren till the end of life.. I LOURVE ALL OF U GUYS.. THANKS OF BEING FRIENDS..
Here some pictures of my frenz in KPM Indera Mahkota, Kuantan..

Catch ya in de next episode..
-Nurirliyana Irwan@Pingu@Sud-
25th March 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kebodohan Ku Menyakitkan Hati dan Minda

Salam di ucap b4 sume luahan at nih tecurah..
1st of all, takziah 2 family step sis me yg baru jek kehilangan sis tiri me pada 26 feb = khamis coz excident kne langgar lari..

Hurmmm..baru mo mula cite... Actually bulan nih memang agak menyakitkan at as cuz me nih ske jek cari pasai. Ade jek point die mo sound me. Wey, syukur r aku mo balik umah sebulan sekali drpd aku xbalik langsung!!! Mulut ko 2 wat sume org benci ko tau x..!!! Lau ko xde maybe aman dunia nih kot... bukan ape la just bcoz of her mouth lintang pukang life org laen.. ayat menyengat x hingat dunia. sediam2 aku pon xde la lazer cm ko.. tepakse tahan coz nih la life aku..bemula la jadi seorg yg BiAdAp!!!(ok cukup r cite sal die nih.no use at all..)

Satu lg kes...
nih wat aku agak penin...
Agak sewel tok dibicarakan tapi tiz is reality..
Aku nih ad la admired some1.. Penah jek luahkan perasaan tapi feedback selalu jek wat aku confused.. Slalu sgt dah tnye sal status relationship sampai aku pon da naek penin.. Bukan mo harap pape la atleast jgn permaenkan perasaan org.. x nafi la sejak die wujud dlm life sume boys da x dipedulikan kecuali yg betoi2 rapat jek cm bro nuox, syafiq, skol fren, and also college`s fren.. tau le kenai pon dr website (xpyh la mo publish). just mo comformation jek... xde lak mo push soh jd pape pon... da le me nih spesis xfaham bahasa yg cm isyarat ke ayt belit2 ke... lau ego sgt pon ckp jek direct kn senang.. xde la susah org mo fikir... lau tebace kire naceb la.. da xbeminat mo terus terang coz da rase laen sgt ngn kamo... lau kamo still mo diam kn diri ok fineeeeee... me akn cube ikut rentak kamo.. lau me rase betoi2 da xleh time xtau la nt.. me namo ad paksaan dlm bkawan o pape jek la ngn me.. cume 1 jek me mntak.. Jangan la wat me confused.. Please terus terang jek ape hubungan ngn kamo mo bine ngn me.. fren ke adeq ke o whateva la.. i dont mind.. just tell me da truth..

Teluah la isi at yg beku dalam ati.. 2 in 1 kot... tenang shitet at nih... Sick of Life!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Me a KpM iM`s StUdEnT aLrEaDy..

hello folks.. Long time i didnt publish my news.. Anyway here little bit experience when im in KPM Indera Mahkota..

On 6th jan, ive registed 2 kpm im alone...
got lots of trouble a long the registration...

1. my name n my classnate name has changed.. finnally, after got the tshirt we`re met and changed back our real name..

2. i`ve took my stuffs on my own (such a crazy things i ever faced).. But, luckyly, got some1 helped me.. He send his son here that is same course with me.. im quite shame with him becoz he came from Perak and can wait for his son while my family just leave me as i have 2 be independent. He send me 2 my hostel with his wife. I can say nothin with that only have a short speak with them. They have kind hearted coz help me without take any advantage from me.. Hohoho im SHAME!!!! Just like want 2 kill my couzin.. By the way, i have 2 faced by myself.. Finally, ``THANK YOU SO MUCH``the only things that i can say 2 both of them.. Thanks again and i`ll never forget urkindness.. :)

3. I cant communicate with my roomate friendly... I dunno why becoz take time 4 me 2 remember all the such things.. Da `st person became my fren is Azma Yuzaira a.k.a Eira.. She is a polite, soft and qiute clumsy gurl.. I felt confortable when i talking 2 her.. We are havin lunch together as we are got chemical i guest.. And finnally we are started our Orientation..

about the orientation i`ll tell ya later ok as i have my own idea on it..
thanks 4 spending ur time reading my blog..